Have any of you seen the movie Wall-E?  I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites.  There’s one scene in particular that I just love.  Wall-E is a robot left behind on Earth to search for any living thing left after the Earth has been destroyed (Did I get that right?  It’s been a […]

Wedding Wednesday: White Wedding

I flew home to Colorado this morning to spend Christmas with my family and was greeted by snow-covered streets, trees and rooftops, and by late afternoon, a flurry of fresh snow was falling once again.  With continued snowfall in the forecast throughout the week, it seems my dream of a white Christmas is sure to […]

Wedding Wednesday: Festive Favors

In the spirit and the midst of the gift-giving season, it only seems fitting to share some of my favorite winter wedding favors. This time of year lends itself to festive flavors and scents that evoke a cozy and inviting feeling.  So whether you’re gifting jars of hot cocoa and cookie ingredients or pine saplings […]