Food for Thought

One of my favorite things about wedding and event planning is helping my clients create a menu that captures the essence of the occasion and enhances the overall guest experience.  So I was delighted to lend my palate for a menu tasting with clients for their March event at the Park Hyatt Aviara.  But before […]

Follow Up

I came across this fun quiz and just had to share!  It seemed fitting with last week’s “Pillow Talk.”  So let’s keep the conversation going and find out what your pillow arrangement says about your personality.  Have you ever noticed that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes?  Flip-flops usually says […]

Recipe for Love

This morning I came across a quiz entitled, “What is your recipe for love?” and decided to take it.  Here were my results: Betsy’s Recipe for Love 1 heaping teaspoon of kindness A dash of flirting 1/4 cup of fun Serve hot. Only three ingredients?  Really?!?  If I were trying to create a blue ribbon […]

Pillow Talk

We can’t be all fun and no business on our little blog and we have some serious pillow business to discuss.  Our new finds from our Atlanta trip are beginning to arrive and it’s like it’s December 25th all over again.  Yesterday my office was literally filled to the ceiling with boxes! These prints are […]

Orange Crush

Maybe it’s because I’m ready for the Spring or maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the Fall — whatever the reason, I’m seriously crushing on anything and everything in the oj-inspired hue!  Here are a few of my favorites for you to feast your eyes on… And orange isn’t just a vibrant color — it also stimulates […]