Wedding Wednesday: A Piece of Cake?

Wedding cakes have been around for centuries, but these days anything goes when it comes to this sweet tradition.  Many brides and grooms opt for tiers of their favorite treats in lieu of cake, while others use the time-honored symbol to enhance the decor or display guest favors… So what’s your stance on this sweet […]

Introducing: Wedding Wednesday

What day is it, you ask?  It’s Wedding Wednesday!  And what is Wedding Wednesday, you ask?  Why it’s a day dedicated to all things WEDDING — from inspired ideas and creative solutions to useful tips and helpful resources {and anything else we think you might like to know if you’re planning a wedding, participating in […]

Dining Tables

Setting up our home has been an on-going process.  And to be honest, it probably always will be.  In fact, I often tell clients that it should be for them as well.  Adding to your home is what keeps things from getting stale and stagnate and it’s what makes your home YOURS.  In our house, […]

Treasure Hunting

The old adage that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure still rings true on the second Sunday of each month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.  In fact, there are so many treasures to be found that Melissa and I make regular trips to “the shopping place of the stars” to hunt for […]