Candlelit Dinner for One

On a rainy night nothing sounds better to me than cozying in at home with good food and good company.  But since I’m single at the moment and wasn’t in the mood to entertain friends after the season of entertaining, last night I decided to cozy up solo to a big bowl of stew {by candlelight no less}.

At the mention of stew, you may think of Julia Child’s famed boeuf bourguignon or your mother’s traditional beef stew, but my go-to recipe is much simpler {and I’m pretty sure it’s healthier too}.  I came across it a few years ago in Real Simple and have made it countless times for special someones, friends, and yours truly.  It’s comfort in a bowl, really.  And you don’t even have to stick to the exact recipe — as long as you throw in the main ingredients, you can add more or less of anything you want and it’s still delish!

Sometimes cooking for one is just as rewarding as impressing a man with your culinary skills or hosting a dinner party for friends.  And the best part is, there are leftovers!

5 thoughts on “Candlelit Dinner for One

  1. The stew looks amazing as well as the setting, how romantic!

  2. Anna Young

    Love it! Couldn’t agree more! There can be such sweetness in solitude! …this looks like such a cozy, relaxing evening.. and the stew looks delicious!!

  3. Betsy, I’m a little freaked out … I have the exact same 3 candle holders and the same place mat. Also this is one of my favorite meals. (May I add, you have fabulous taste). LOL!

  4. Lauren

    Yum! I need to do this more! I tend to eat frozen yogurt for dinner when I’m alone – or a can of trader joes chili and I think this is my absolute excuse to step it up next time & will give a toast to you!

  5. Ashley Allen

    YUMMY! Looks devine!

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