New York Bound

In the morning, Melissa and I are heading to the other coast to eat, drink and shop our way through New York City.  We’ll be attending NY NOW to check out the latest in home, lifestyle, and gifts and buy all kinds of cool new stuff for the store.  We’ll also be checking out the latest in the NYC boutique and culinary scenes and revisiting what, after 3 such trips, have become ‘our’ spots.  I can hardly wait!  Follow us on Instagram to get a sneak peek at the latest trends in home decor and to join us on our adventure in the Big Apple.

Image via Claire K Creations

B & B Anniversary Bash {in photos}

At the start of the month, we toasted to our two year anniversary with the ever-fabulous, ever-fun Mrs. Lilien, who schmoozed long past sundown and signed swatchbooks until her diamond-clad fingers just about fell off.  Thank you to everyone who came to meet THE MRS and raise a glass of Paloma Cocktail or Starlight Bowl in celebration of our milestone.  And for those of you who weren’t able to join in the festivities, here’s a peek at what went down…



Yep, that’s exactly how the evening ended…Melissa and I diving head first into a Starlight Bowl.  Cheers to everyone who has supported us over the last couple of years and all to come in the years ahead!


Where We’ve Been, What We’ve Been Up To

It’s official.  It’s been so long since we’ve blogged that I almost forgot our login and password.  It’s no secret that with new social media outlets, blogging seems to have taken a little bit of a backseat for everyone.

**Speaking of social media, if you aren’t already, you can follow us on both Pinterest and Instagram.  Both have become serious addictions that I may need an intervention for soon.

Just because we haven’t been around this blog, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!  Here’s a little re-cap of what we’ve been up to.

1) In May, we partnered with San Diego Magazine for an article on bookcase styling.  We designed 3 different looks for one bookcase.  We did a complete re-design of Betsy’s abode last year and her new bookcases were the perfect models.

The photographer photographing the Vintage Look


2) At the end of June we tore apart the store and loaded up our front patio for our second annual Summer Yard Sale.  We’re coming into market season where we buy all of our new product and our annual Yard Sale is our way of being able to make room for new product and extend some amazing deals to our fabulous customers!  **Of course the day we were prepping for the sale was the day Diane Keaton walked into the store!  I stood there in my grubby clothes, red pen in hand, store not at it’s cutest, and my jaw on the floor.

The loot!


3) We’ve been busy with interior design clients and this month we started shooting projects for our portfolio (finally!)  This is a much longer process than it sounds.  A shoot usually starts the week before, collecting accessories to stage with.  Accessories that look good in person, don’t always look good through a camera lens.  For example, a pair of lamps that are the perfect size in person, may shrink and get lost in the photograph.

Our photographer in action


My car on photo shoot day *case in point why I will never have a little sports car


4) Betsy and I are prepping to leave for NYC tomorrow at midnight (not really but waking up at 4:00am might as well be midnight) to go to the New York Gift Show.  Even though it’s a work trip – we have a blast every year (sometimes maybe a little too much fun ; )

via Taken By The Wind DF





Room of the Week: OURS!

If you are signed up to receive our email e-blasts then you’ve already heard that we’ve been up to something at the shop.  If you’ve driven by, then you may have seen our lovely brown paper window treatments.  We’ve been up to a little something and can’t wait to share.  There’s nothing we love more than our little cottage that houses Bixby & Ball.  The in-tact rooms and the quaintness are what makes our little home away from home so unique.  However, the “flow” of the store has always been a challenge.  For our web-only friends who may not have seen the store, our retail space made an “L” shape that was very difficult to maneuver.  Our offices filled the other portions of the building.  We have decided to change things up a bit and move our offices to the back of the house.  We’re making an opening in the wall between the living room and what used to be Betsy’s office.

Come on in!

This is what the hole currently looks like.


As I mentioned in my last post, Betsy and I have been moving a million miles an hour ever since we opened.  Because of this, we never took the chance to really settle in and set up our offices.  Because the renovation has forced us to be closed for 2 weeks, we’re taking this opportunity to really set everything up.  We’re having some snazzy new desk chairs made, that I can’t wait to see!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what will be going into Betsy’s office.


We can’t wait to share the final product and the whole B&B crew will be back up and running by next weekend!

Photo by Windy Dougall


Betsy and I are heading out bright and early in the morning for Betsy’s site visit to San Ysidro Ranch and our road trip to Mill Valley!


Have any of you seen the movie Wall-E?  I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites.  There’s one scene in particular that I just love.  Wall-E is a robot left behind on Earth to search for any living thing left after the Earth has been destroyed (Did I get that right?  It’s been a while.)  In order to keep running (he’s a robot after-all), Wall-E must “re-charge” himself, by flipping out his sun panels and standing in the sun.  I feel like Wall-E this week.  My sun panels are flipped out and I’m recharging.

via MBTheme

I’m right where I want to be.  I’m in the mountains, next to a fire, blogging and Pinterest-ing my little heart out (seriously – I might need an intervention when I get home.)

via Country Living

 Betsy and I really rarely ever just stop.  We actually didn’t pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the beginning of our business until about two months in.  Bixby & Ball has been like a gigantic, fast-moving train.  It’s been an incredibly fun and a little scary but very FAST train ride.  With the year coming to an end – we needed to get off and rest.  While I’m enjoying every last morsel of this break, I’m actually really looking forward to diving back into work.  I feel filled to the brim with inspiration and excitement for Bixby & Ball.  We have so many exciting things coming up.  Bixby & Ball will be under construction for two weeks getting a slightly different layout.  We’ll be heading North for a site visit for one of Betsy’s upcoming weddings.  And let me tell you – the site is GOOD!  I’ll let Betsy blog about it (but really, it’s stunning!)

For now – I’m heading outside to flip open my sun panels, and recharge.