Fall Sunroom {Progress}

I just finished up the first part of an install this morning and while it’s not finished, I thought I’d share the progress.  This room has a warm feel that seemed to be fitting with Fall right around the corner.  Keep in mind, there are a few things yet to go in.  We’re waiting on a tufted leather ottoman and the existing curtains still need to be taken down.

Before, this room was really just a holding place.  There was a small leather chair from the owner’s previous home and a floor lamp.  The room has the most beautiful natural light and was just begging for a cozy seating area.


Our client’s have twins and wanted to have an area all to themselves.


We’ve just started bringing in some of the accessories.


That’s all for our update.  We’re still finishing up a few details on the Family Room and we’re going to start working on the Living Room, Foyer, and Dining Room next week!  More updates to come!


One thought on “Fall Sunroom {Progress}

  1. grace

    This looks so amazing Melissa! has such a different-and much warmer-feel…love the chairs and pillows.. and I want that lamp! :)

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