It’s in the Details

I have a meeting first thing in the morning to begin putting the final touches on a project we’ve been working on for the last couple of months.  There are so many “layers” or steps when designing a home from the point of construction to the very last vase.  In every stage, I always catch myself saying “this is my favorite part!”  A lot of times people think that as soon as the furniture arrives our job as a designer is done when actually the last step is one of the most important.  When we design a space for a client we want them to be able to walk in the door and every last thing is in it’s place.  We don’t want to leave anyone guessing where to place books, picture frames or vases.  Believe it or not – those final details, done incorrectly, can throw the design of a room completely off.

House Beautiful
House Beautiful
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One thought on “It’s in the Details

  1. Great post! And so, so true…the final touches really are the most important….and sometimes the most difficult :)

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