New Year, New Home

With the New Year comes new beginnings and in 2013 my beginning is in the shape of a house.  I’m still pinching myself that it’s really mine.  On New Year’s Day I took my dog Charlie to see our new digs for the first time and while he gazed out the living room window with eager anticipation to the backyard below, I sat on the floor simply taking it all in.  Who knows where life will lead, but it feels like I’m going to be here for a while and I can’t wait to make it my own.  The exterior will be getting a facelift, the surrounding outdoor space a complete overhaul — but that’s phase II.  For now, I’m starting where the previous owners left off, which means I have two bedrooms and a bathroom to tackle.  But before I get to those, here’s a look at the parts that have already been tackled quite beautifully.

In the entryway, a staircase leads to a lower level apartment, fully equipped with a kitchen and all.  I’m not sure how I’ll want to use that space down the road so I’m going to give myself some time to settle in and see what unfolds.  Until then, it’ll be great for family and friends to enjoy when they come to visit.  And for Charlie when he wants to get away from me.  So back to the upstairs…

I love the new design details that have been thoughtfully added in recent years — the custom built-in, decorative corbels and picture rail lining the walls.

And I love the original heater grates.

I can’t wait to curl up by the fire with a good book, a cozy throw and a big mug of something hot.  And I can’t wait to find the perfect piece of art to hang over the mantle.

When I first saw the kitchen, I was sold.  I’m happiest when I’m entertaining in my home and I can’t wait to cook up all kinds of things on my new range.  I wouldn’t dream of changing anything major here — just swapping out the light over the center island and replacing the sink faucet with something a little more my style.

And now on to what needs tackling.  First up, the bathroom…and this is 1950’s original, folks.  The general layout will remain the same — just about 2 feet wider — and I’m calling the design concept ‘factory meets fancy’.

This is the ‘master bedroom’ and although it appears kinda dark and dingy in this photo, it looks out to the ocean and gets lots of light.  New dark hardwood floors will be installed to match the rest of the upstairs, as well as new windows, but the biggest change is happening on the other side of the room.

The small existing closet presents a bit of a challenge, so this entire wall will be maximized to accommodate my little shopping problem.

The guest bedroom will get the same floor and window treatment as the master, along with a new and improved ceiling.

The closet has to go to accommodate the bathroom expansion but it can always be built back into the room later if I miss it.  For now a free-standing wardrobe will have to do.

I’ll be sure to share progress pics once things are underway…hoping demo will start early next week.  I can hardly wait to begin!

And I think Charlie may be just about as excited as I am for this new beginning.

10 thoughts on “New Year, New Home

  1. LaurenForgione

    So happy for you & can’t wait to see your life fill that place with fun, amazing style & all!! Love the small details and flow like the door off the kitchen….so nice!!!

  2. What a gem! It’s beautiful Betsy! A great example of bigger is definitely not better.


  3. Emily

    Congrats Betsy! What a beautiful new place to call home! Love the kitchen & custom built in! Can’t wait to see the progress as you continue to make it your own!

  4. Anne

    Bets! Are you kidding?! That is so cute – and so YOU! And I love that Charlie is so pumped as well.

  5. Congrats! It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it completed.

  6. debra

    what a great house! congrats!!
    please show how you make this house your home sweet home…..can’t wait…

  7. mary

    How exciting!! Congratulations!! I need to get there to see you and your new home in person!!

  8. Such a great house! It has so much charm and I can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Congrats!

  9. Lynn

    Hi, I came here by way of Pinterest. May I say congratulations. I don’t know you, but I am extremely happy for you. Best wishes for a good life, many good memories, and contentment in your your new home. Lynn

  10. Cameron

    Hello, Really beautiful work. Can I be so bold as to ask where you acquired those stunning corbels? If you made them are you willing to share your secrets? Cmc

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