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Happy Monday everyone!

Normally I love having weekends with absolutely nothing planned but this weekend was jam packed and a ton of fun.  Saturday Grace, Amy and I picked up some early morning coffees and headed out to our second annual road trip to the Pasadena Showcase House.

Pasadena Showcase House 2012

The 8 bedroom, Spanish style home was built in 1927.  The home was designed by John Byers and was nicknamed the “House of Doors.”  Each door in the house was different.  Some of the doors were intricately carved, one was leather with a brass border others were more simple but just as breathtaking.

Our hands-down favorite room in the house was the sleeping porch.  It was lined with 3 original murphy beds (yes, you read that right – murphy beds!)

Sleeping Porch with Murphy Beds

The paintings on each of the beds are all original to the house.  **Side note:  Check out the turtle on the bed! : )

I fell in LOVE with this painted floor!

Painted Floor

Taking photos is strictly prohibited but we just can’t help ourselves and have gotten quite good and being sneaky.

Gallery Wall

We loved this spin on the classic gallery wall.  All of the frames were wrapped in a marble paper.

We stopped at Julienne’s in San Marino for lunch and it was absolutely to die for! If you’re ever in the area you MUST stop by.  A friend of Grace’s, mother designed the restaurant.  It’s styled after a french cafe and she told Grace that her mom even traveled to France to ensure that even the smallest detail was accurate.

photo via Julienne's

Today it’s back to the office – but full of inspiration!  Have a great rest of your week!

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Motherly Love

1. John Robshaw Kurta
2. Pierced Scalloped Pitcher
3. Nashelle xoxo Ring
4. I LOVE California Magnetic Board and Moveable Heart
5. White Scalloped Tray
6. Linnea’s Lights Rose Candle

BIG thank you to the lovely ladies at The Post Social for featuring our gift ideas and tips for making this Mother’s Day extra special.  I’m heading home to Colorado to meet my new baby niece and spend the weekend with my own mama – can’t imagine anything more special than that.  To all you moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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Raoul Textiles

Betsy and I rolled in last night from a very fun (and exhausting!) weekend in Santa Barbara.  We were there for one of Betsy’s wedding client’s weddings.  I won’t dish on any of the details, however I will say it was stunning!  Since it was a Sunday wedding, we took our time heading home and checked out some of the fabulous shops that Santa Barbara has to offer.

via SBDigs.com

One of the places I have been dying to visit is the Raoul Textiles showroom.  Sally McQuillan is the force behind this beautiful company.  Sally’s stunning prints are all printed by hand here in the US.  In fact, they print an incredible 30,000 yards per year.  Did anyone read the article in this month’s House Beautiful on California-based home products?  Raoul Textiles was one of the featured companies.

Indigo Colorway


via DeSousa Hughes

The tricky part about Raoul is that there is no online catalog and no print catalog.  To see this line you must visit one of their few showrooms.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tempting to pick up the look books (peeking in the photo on the left hand side) and dash out the door! **Note: For those of you who don’t know me – I’m the biggest rule follower and would NEVER actually do that!

image Bixby & Ball

I took full advantage of our visit and gathered samples for a few projects I’m working on.

image: Bixby & Ball


image: Bixby & Ball


Sally herself actually walked in the showroom during our visit – but I just didn’t have it in me to speak up and say hello.  sigh..oh well!


Let’s Talk Grout

Let’s talk grout.  I think it would be safe to say that 90% of people out there would say their gut answer to selecting a  grout color would be white, off-white, bone, ivory, or any other shade in and around white.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I have white grout in every corner of my own house.)  However, there are times when white is just too vanilla.  Choosing a dark grout even if it’s the lightest shade of the grays can completely transform a room and add incredible depth to your walls.

An excellent place to apply dark grout is in areas where you have other dark accents.  This could be in a kitchen where your hardware is in an oil rubbed bronze finish.  Selecting a darker grout will highlight those features.

Rebekah Zaveloff via Houzz.com

In this kitchen by Taste Design Inc. they chose a lighter gray that  perfectly highlights the streaks of gray in the Carrara marble counter tops.

Taste Design Inc.


via Little Green Notebook

via Coastal Living


One of our projects is nearing the end of the finish materials phase.  I snapped this photo on my last visit.  This is in the master bathroom where we chose a darker grout to highlight the white subway tile.  The vanity lights have a white porcelain back-plate and the shade is white milk glass with two small, black pinstripes.

Master Bathroom Shower


Master Bathroom Clawfoot Tub

There will be a large pendent that will hang over the tub and the grasscloth shade still needs to be installed.  I’ll post photos when we have them!


Wedding Wednesday: Garden to Table

This lush garden-inspired tablescape includes just about every one of my favorite blooms — sweat peas, tulips, hyacinth, peonies, roses and thistle.

Image via grace(ful things)
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Wedding Wednesday: Spring Bouquet

Spring is synonymous with color and this cheerful bouquet, bursting with vibrant hues of yellow, green, blue and pink, is the floral embodiment of the season.  These bright blooms, with a gathered-fresh-from-the-garden ease, make me smile as they seem to be smiling back at me.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Wedding Wednesday: Katniss + Peeta

The Hunger Games Wedding Inspiration Shoot

The Hunger Games phenom is indeed a phenom.  You can’t leave the house without being flooded with images of the infamous District 12 tributes and now a flurry of Katniss and Peeta inspired wedding shoots are gracing the virtual pages of blogs nationwide.  And being an avid fan of this deliciously savage trilogy myself, I’ve been completely captivated by the creative interpretations of this compelling love story.  Above are a few of my favorite scenes from one such shoot.  Can’t wait to see their romance begin to unfold on the big screen this weekend!

Images via Style Me Pretty
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Room of the Week: Floors

I’ve just started working with a new family on designing two adjacent rooms.  One of them will be a seating area and the other will be a dining room.  Most of the home has beautiful wood floors but these two rooms have a “lovely” hunter green, printed carpet.  The couple has been trying to track down the wood flooring from the rest of the home to fill in but hasn’t had much luck.  I’ve been pulling alternative flooring options for them.  The two rooms have a “walkway” of the wood floors in between them and I actually think it will add more interest to do a contrasting flooring instead of filling in with the same, existing wood flooring. As I was researching I stumbled across this photo.


I love that even though it’s a stone it still adds warmth.  The variation in colors adds interest and makes the floor almost be a focus for the room.  I’ll be presenting next week so hopefully they like it!


Wedding Wednesday: Here Comes the Train

If your wedding venue is the size of four football fields and you don’t mind walking nearly two miles down the aisle in your wedding shoes, this could be just the bridal train for you!  The Romanian designed, Guinness World Record-breaking train took 10 seamstresses 100 days to create and spans roughly the width of Manhattan {and we thought Diana’s 25 ft. train was dramatic!}.  This past week, a Romanian model was hoisted into the sky via hot air balloon to show it off on a ride over the capital city of Bucharest, with the seemingly endless trail of ivory billowing underneath.

Downside to a train this long?  Going to the bathroom.

Images via New York Daily News, Stamford Advocate and Daily Mail

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Wedding Wednesday: Stamp of Approval

When it comes to your wedding invitation, forgo the traditional “love” stamp in lieu of a menagerie of vintage stamps for added interest and intrigue.  One of our clients did just that and I’m loving the eclectic look…

Check out The Paper Nickel Stamp Company or Kenmore Stamp Company for an assortment of unique options to make your wedding-related deliveries extra special.