Room of the Week: Floors

I’ve just started working with a new family on designing two adjacent rooms.  One of them will be a seating area and the other will be a dining room.  Most of the home has beautiful wood floors but these two rooms have a “lovely” hunter green, printed carpet.  The couple has been trying to track down the wood flooring from the rest of the home to fill in but hasn’t had much luck.  I’ve been pulling alternative flooring options for them.  The two rooms have a “walkway” of the wood floors in between them and I actually think it will add more interest to do a contrasting flooring instead of filling in with the same, existing wood flooring. As I was researching I stumbled across this photo.


I love that even though it’s a stone it still adds warmth.  The variation in colors adds interest and makes the floor almost be a focus for the room.  I’ll be presenting next week so hopefully they like it!

2 thoughts on “Room of the Week: Floors

  1. I love this floor and it does add warmth even though it’s stone which could make that a contradiction, but it add so much texture and interest to the room.

  2. My grandmother had floors like this when I was a little girl. Love them!

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