Room of the Week: OURS!

If you are signed up to receive our email e-blasts then you’ve already heard that we’ve been up to something at the shop.  If you’ve driven by, then you may have seen our lovely brown paper window treatments.  We’ve been up to a little something and can’t wait to share.  There’s nothing we love more than our little cottage that houses Bixby & Ball.  The in-tact rooms and the quaintness are what makes our little home away from home so unique.  However, the “flow” of the store has always been a challenge.  For our web-only friends who may not have seen the store, our retail space made an “L” shape that was very difficult to maneuver.  Our offices filled the other portions of the building.  We have decided to change things up a bit and move our offices to the back of the house.  We’re making an opening in the wall between the living room and what used to be Betsy’s office.

Come on in!

This is what the hole currently looks like.


As I mentioned in my last post, Betsy and I have been moving a million miles an hour ever since we opened.  Because of this, we never took the chance to really settle in and set up our offices.  Because the renovation has forced us to be closed for 2 weeks, we’re taking this opportunity to really set everything up.  We’re having some snazzy new desk chairs made, that I can’t wait to see!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what will be going into Betsy’s office.


We can’t wait to share the final product and the whole B&B crew will be back up and running by next weekend!

Photo by Windy Dougall


Betsy and I are heading out bright and early in the morning for Betsy’s site visit to San Ysidro Ranch and our road trip to Mill Valley!

One thought on “Room of the Week: OURS!

  1. I live in North Carolina, so since I can’t visit your store anytime soon, please post lots of pics! Can’t wait to see :)

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