Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

Normally I love having weekends with absolutely nothing planned but this weekend was jam packed and a ton of fun.  Saturday Grace, Amy and I picked up some early morning coffees and headed out to our second annual road trip to the Pasadena Showcase House.

Pasadena Showcase House 2012

The 8 bedroom, Spanish style home was built in 1927.  The home was designed by John Byers and was nicknamed the “House of Doors.”  Each door in the house was different.  Some of the doors were intricately carved, one was leather with a brass border others were more simple but just as breathtaking.

Our hands-down favorite room in the house was the sleeping porch.  It was lined with 3 original murphy beds (yes, you read that right – murphy beds!)

Sleeping Porch with Murphy Beds

The paintings on each of the beds are all original to the house.  **Side note:  Check out the turtle on the bed! : )

I fell in LOVE with this painted floor!

Painted Floor

Taking photos is strictly prohibited but we just can’t help ourselves and have gotten quite good and being sneaky.

Gallery Wall

We loved this spin on the classic gallery wall.  All of the frames were wrapped in a marble paper.

We stopped at Julienne’s in San Marino for lunch and it was absolutely to die for! If you’re ever in the area you MUST stop by.  A friend of Grace’s, mother designed the restaurant.  It’s styled after a french cafe and she told Grace that her mom even traveled to France to ensure that even the smallest detail was accurate.

photo via Julienne's

Today it’s back to the office – but full of inspiration!  Have a great rest of your week!

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Lauren Walsh Forgione

    How fun! Great to see some pics!!! I have to check that out one of these years!

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