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Brahms Mount

In creating Brahms Mount nearly three decades ago, Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount carry on Maine's textile tradition stretching back to the 1800s. Brahms Mount blankets, throws, linen towels, and merino wool scarves are made just like they were then when almost every family spun fine yarn from local flax and wool, and imported cotton. Claudia, who comes from a family of distinguished interior and fashion designers, says each piece is designed to be simple and classic so the body can respond positively to the fabric—just like clothing. Noel, who traces his family's textile tradition back to 16th Century England, uses his heritage and experience to bring Claudia's vision to life—superior products that combine tactile sensation and visual beauty. Business partner David Kaufman—who came to the team several years ago—brings a passionate vision dedicated to developing new product lines and making more homes comfy and warm with Brahms Mount. They all work together with their core staff of dedicated artisans who hand weave timeless textiles on antique looms from specially engineered yarns spun from natural fibers to produce heirloom-quality products. And even though Brahms Mount is steeped in tradition, the company thrives on its dedication to delivering exciting new products like a washable wool while carrying on its own heritage of American artisans weaving the finest natural fibers into luxurious fabrics of superior quality and signature design.

  • Brand: Brahms Mount

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