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Apricot Home

As a fashion stylist, Apricot Home's Abby Potts Pillari puts her penchant for fabrics and patterns into play to design durable rugs that are runway worthy. These modern rugs are hand-woven from PVC so they can handle the needs of your home from the indoors out—whether that's kids and pets at play or a peaceful beach retreat. Apricot Home rugs really are resilient and reliable—making them great in any room because they can withstand wear-and-tear and are completely washable. You can wipe, wash, or mop them and they'll remain fade-resistant...even when set in the sunniest spot! Plus, they stay where you put them and don't skid. You can just as easily use Apricot Home pieces as outdoor rugs to extend the comforts of your home to open spaces like porches and patios.

  • Brand: Apricot Home

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