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John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw is renowned for his exotic chic textiles—from blocked printing and dyeing to weaving and stitching—it's all done by hand in India. John's fascination with fabrics and prints began after he earned a fine arts degree from New York city's prestigious Pratt Institute and studied traditional block printing in China. Shortly thereafter he aptly named himself, John "I-Caught-the-Asia-Bug" Robshaw. After studying in China, he traveled to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings. Serendipity intervened and he instead fell in love with traditional fabric-making traditions that quickly became a lifelong labor of love. John's adventures continued to teach him as he worked alongside local artisans and studied traditional printing methods in India and Thailand as well. All of these experiences inspired John to develop his own style by blending colors, processes, and designs from each culture—mixing up patterns and overlapping them in a more formally artistic way. In doing so, he put an updated spin on exotic handmade to create his signature vibrant mix of sophistication and romantic allure. To this day, John collaborates with various workshops in India, where he travels several months out of the year to oversee production, experiment with new dyeing and printing techniques, and work alongside the artisans creating the textiles that find life in bedding, pillows, tablecloths and even sarongs.

  • Brand: John Robshaw Textiles

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