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LAFCO New York

Jon Bresler knew he had more than one calling in life when he created LAFCO—Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co—over 20 years ago. This once lawyer and self confessed body care junkie made his way into the industry by starting simply with soap. Not only did this initial line of oversized bars of soap start a trend, many of those original fragrances are still best sellers. Jon built on the success of his soaps and expanded into fragrance by studying alchemy in Italy and on the French Riviera and using this knowledge to create new scents. He continued looking for the next luxury article he could introduce…wheels turned and candles emerged. With a growing demand in the luxury marketplace for products with a special appeal, Jon turned to LAFCO’s Creative Director, Vincent LaRouche, to conceptualize the perfect product. Vincent came up with the concept of A Candle for Every Room™ and A Candle for Every Home™. In a market seemingly filled to the brim with candles, the House & Home™ collection was an immediate and phenomenal success. The concept was simple: give the customer a beautiful hand blown glass vessel, a generous burn time, and just the right scent for every room and home. Lucky Magazine called it “The Perfect Candle.” Celebrities became fanatics and offered it to their friends, and the entire collection was chosen for the biggest Oprah's Favorite Things episode ever!

  • Brand: LAFCO New York

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