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Nashelle Jewelry Design

Nashelle founder, Heather Straw, was always naturally creative. Growing up, she envisioned herself as a shoe designer or dress maker, but she always had an eye for jewelry—she just couldn't make it yet. She envied friends that could though, so she did something about it. Heather studied metal arts at the University of Alaska Southeast where the simplicity of metal and stone inspired her. She started designing, literally sitting on her living floor and selling jewelry off of her own neck. It was her son who inspired her to take her business the next level, and that's exactly what she did in 2005 when she began selling wholesale at the national level. Confidence followed suit and the next year she leased a large warehouse in Bend, Oregon, which now houses her team of talented designers for Nashelle. Heather is proud to boast that they use recycled gold and silver materials and natural gemstones. Plus, none of the Nashelle designs are mass produced or outsourced—and Heather says they never will be. Every piece truly is handmade to order with love and intention. And, one of those intentions is to "pay it forward" and give back to those in need with every piece of jewelry they sell…whether it's helping feed or clothe a child, aid a family with unforeseen medical expenses, or support local schools.

  • Brand: Nashelle Jewelry Design

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